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Season 1 Episode 7: Saying Yes to Corporate Upskilling & “Nej” to Whitney Houston’s Hologram Tour

Tonya and Shontavia are going into the last quarter of 2019 with lots of observations about law, innovation and tech, and they are racking up opportunities to take their observations on the road. Tonya is ready to hit three different US time zones to talk about blockchain, and she’s implementing Mel Robbins’ Five Second Rule to keep everything in perspective. On the blockchain front, Wells Fargo’s stablecoin cryptocurrency launch has Tonya LIT. She also talks about the world of upskilling and how listeners should upskill themselves to upgrade their professional lives in rapidly-changing industries. In Shontavia’s world, it’s already tomorrow because she’s in Sweden at an entrepreneurship conference. She’s still on the wave of operating within one’s life purpose and is especially excited about her recent opportunity to interview Ratan Tata, the popular Indian philanthropist, industrialist and investor. She also wants us to get real about purpose, though, and take the exciting with the exhausting. Shontavia’s LIT about the recent announcement that Whitney Houston’s hologram is going on tour and wondering if Whitney really wants to be working from the grave. Both co-hosts ponder the legal implications of hologram-work. Trouble seeing the full-length show notes? Visit us at and follow us @LITBraintrust.

Season 1 Ep 6: Bullied over Trademarked Tees, Uber’s Trade Secret Thieves & France Says Non! to FB

Shontavia and Tonya are on the road (AGAIN) and burning the midnight oil. Both are sleepy! In fact, Tonya almost missed the recording after “resting her eyes for a spell” like her Nana just before the recording light went green! But of course they still managed to deliver all the fire for this episode, as always. Shontavia talks about the most recent stop on her five-city national tour. Tonya’s attending the National Lesbians Who Tech Leadership Summit in the Big Apple. In What’s Got You Lit™, Shontavia talks about a fourth grader bullied over a homemade University of Tennessee Volunteers t-shirt that he wore during his school’s spirit day. She reminds listeners to have a strong IP strategy in place, especially when you find yourself “going viral”. Both hosts discuss how and where to begin. Shontavia also updates a S1E5 topic, 'The' Ohio State University trademark, to cover the current office action status of this trademark battle. Tonya returns to her crypto roots and shares that France says it will block Facebook’s Libra in Europe. Then she talks about a former Uber self-driving car executive charged with criminal theft of trade secrets from Google and breaks down trade secret basics and connects trade secret to an overall intellectual property strategy. In Make Your Fire Work™, Shontavia tells you to “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready” and Tonya encourages you to “find your tribe.” Trouble seeing the full-length show notes? Visit us at and follow us @LITBraintrust.

Season 1 Ep 5: Much Ado about Trademarking “THE” and “Skee Wee” & Meek is Free!

In “What’s Good?”, Shontavia shares that her “ask and receive” energy has attracted an impressive list of upcoming speaking engagements and an acceptance letter from the Fulbright Association. Tonya makes the LOGOS Top 100 List of POC blockchain influencers and celebrates the publication of her latest law review article Cryptokitties, Cryptography and Copyright. In What’s Got You LIT™, Shontavia uses Philly-born rap artist Meek Mill’s recent release and tumultuous criminal justice experience to highlight the system’s chronic failures, particularly as it relates to black and brown populations. Tonya discusses trademark law basics and whether Ohio State University can register the word “THE” as a source-indicator of The Ohio State University. Delta Sigma Theta legacy, Shontavia, survives Alpha Kappa Alpha legacy, Tonya’s, “Skee wee” to demonstrate a registered sensory trademark. Both co-hosts agree that all the push back and confusion about Ohio State’s application is “much ado about nothing” (in Shontavia’s nod to Shakespeare, which neither co-host could remember while recording!). Finally, during the LIT Level Up & Make Your Fire Work™ segment, Shontavia asks you to write the vision for your life by answering four important questions and Tonya encourages you to help amplify the actions of at least three others who you see walking the walk. Trouble seeing the complete show notes? Visit us at and follow us @LITBraintrust.

Season 1 Ep 4: SEC says YES to Nodes & Decatur parents say NO to "Hair" Brained Policy

Shontavia and Tonya walk through the past two weeks of law, innovation and tech news after discussing what’s been good with them, which includes Shontavia’s participation in a new meme documentary and Tonya’s recent interview on the Daily Tech News Show Podcast. Shontavia isn't happy with the recent influx of hair discrimination events around the country, but she’s encouraged by new legislation in New York and California designed to combat it. Tonya is cautious about the SEC’s interest in blockchain nodes. Both cohosts are unimpressed with Senator Josh Hawley’s crusade against big tech with the [not-very] SMART Act bill, which would ban infinite scroll and automatically limit a user’s time on social media to 30 minutes a day. The LIT Podcast closes out with a request for listeners to VOTE UP the team’s SXSW 2020 panel proposals.

Season 1 Ep 3: Electric Sliding for PR and the IRS Comes for Crypto

After deciding that FX’s Pose and Janet Jackson’s headlining residency in Las Vegas are “what’s good” this week, Shontavia and Tonya walk through what’s got them lit. Shontavia isn’t happy with Megan Thee Stallion’s trademark lawyer, who neglected to file a trademark application for the rapper’s viral phrase HOT GIRL SUMMER before some random guy in Washington, D.C. Shontavia also walks through the copyright history the Electric Slide and the dance’s recent adoption by Puerto Rican #RickyRenuncia protestors. Tonya breaks down the IRS’s 10,000 letters searching for crypto use and the implications for crypto investors. She also covers Facebook’s $5 billion fine for privacy violations, which she says isn’t large enough to punish Facebook for its activities.

Season 1 Ep 2: Facebook Goes to DC & Rihanna Goes to China

After their "What's Good?" check in, Shontavia continues the cultural appropriation discussion from S1E1, as she compares and contrasts Kim Kardashian's Kimono debacle with questions about Rihanna's appearance on the cover of Harper's Bazaar China. Tonya continues her coverage of Facebook's Libra Coin as democratic members of the House Financial Services Committee, led by Chairwoman Maxine "Auntie Maxine" Waters, call on FB to halt Libra's development pending Congressional inquiry. The first hearing commences on July 17, 2019.

Season 1 Ep 1: Kimono Culture Vultures & Libra Coins

Tonya and Shontavia dive head first into S1E1 of the LIT™ Podcast. They talk Kim K's latest cultural misappropriation claims with Kimono and Facebook's LibraCoin launch.

LIT Podcast - The Introduction

Get to know your hosts: Tonya Evans & Shontavia Johnson, and what LIT is all about.

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