Season 1 Ep 1: Kimono Culture Vultures & Libra Coins

Tonya and Shontavia dive head first into S1E1 of the LIT™ Podcast. They talk Kim K's latest cultural misappropriation claims with Kimono and Facebook's LibraCoin launch.

In this episode, Tonya and Shontavia dive head first into their first full episode of the first season of the LIT Podcast. They begin with their "What's Good?" segment. Shontavia is hype about the launch of the podcast, Tonya channels her inner Leo as she talks about transitions and shares exciting news about winning the inaugural Enterprise Blockchain Award. Then they move on to the What's Got You LIT?™, @AskLIT™,  and Make Your Fire Work™ segments.

Show Links:

Kim K's culture vulture past: The 9 Times The Kardashians Have Been Accused of Cultural Misappropriation (BuzzFeed, 2015)
The Kim K. Kimono controversy: Kim K West Accused of Cultural Appropriation (CNN Business, 2019)
UPDATE: Kim caves! 7/1/2019: A Year After Trademarking the term "Kimono", Backlash Convinces Kim Kardashian to do the Right Thing (, 2019)


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency 101: [video by Tonya Evans]
A Beginner's Guide to Blockchain: 
DYOR (Do your own research): Investing in Bitcoin
Leverage User-Generated Content (UGC) for your Business (ShortStack, 2019)

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